We will ask our families, friends, school and community to participate by dropping their old phones into a box. We will collect the phones to be E-recycled. The project will end on New Years Eve 2017.
United Arab Emirates
We, as students of the UAE, made it our mission to do our part in spreading the word about Earth Hour by conducting a campaign on March 24. Earth Hour is the world’s environmental movement towards action on climate change and it involves a straightforward action: switch off the lights and other electrical appliances for one hour, between 8.30pm to 9.30pm, every year in March. The aim is to show your responsibility and commitment. This year Earth Hour was celebrated on Saturday, March 25.
Create your trypthcs to inform neighbors of the prizes and after two weeks you will be give the prizes
United States
In May, we watched Jane's video on how the mineral mining in Africa is putting the indigenous communities of chimpanzees at risk. The teachers have sent out notices in our weekly newsletters to all parents about the project. Two baskets with a sign identifying them as the drop off sites have been placed in each building entrance. The devices collected will be mailed to the recommended recycling group in June.
United States
Our Green Team will gather our community and pick up litter and other foreign objects from the nature.
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The purpose of this event is to encourage reusing of household products/goods. People will be able to bring usable items from their home and give them away, while at the same time, finding items of others that can serve in their households.
The aim of this project is to help reduce sands and dust storms in the capital. The actions are therefore for this project to first plant 4000 selected trees in a farm in Sanankoroba until they reach a level. Then move them around the city of Bamako where they will continue to grow while protecting the city from storms.
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We will create posters teaching our community about ways to protect the desert habitat and present them at our school expo on May 25! We will also be sharing a dance about desert animals in hopes to raise awareness for the beautiful creatures who survive in the desert.
United States
By collecting old and unused cellphones (and other electronics) through our schools and communities, we can recycle the coltan they contain through the Eco-Cell's Cellphones for Gorillas program.
United States
Educate, inform, make good 'care takers' for our Earth. Every Earthday we will make a video to teach people more about how to take care of the Earth.