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We will have a school beautification day to replant our gardens. When the vegetables are ripe, we will harvest the produce. The students will eat some of the vegetables and we will sell the rest of the produce to parents so we can replenish our garden.
Our project will educate and inspire Form 1-4 students on wildlife and environmental conversation efforts. Our club will meet after school twice a week to brainstorm ideas and learn farming techniques. We will hold discussions about the importance of Tanzania's wildlife and discuss ways to promote awareness in order to protect our animals.
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We will bring garbage bags on hikes and clean up garbage left on the trail. After we will sort the trash to recycle anything that we can.
United States
I have been collecting wine corks from friends, family and neighbors. I collected over 1500 wine corks and sold them on Ebay. The money I earned from selling my corks, I sent to Save the Chimps Foundation in Fort Pierce, Florida. My funds have been used to purchase bananas, blankets, laundry soap and toys for the chimps who live at the sancutary.
United States
A group of volunteers will help to renovate (and then maintain) the edible garden using recycled supplies. When vegetables/fruit are ready to be harvested, they will be given to the local zoo, so that the wild animals' food is fresh. Some of the plants include figs, beets, banana tree leaves, corn stalks, and catnip.
United States
We will support organizations that have already worked to restore this beautiful river such as the Bronx River Alliance while joining in the effort by coming together with volunteers to raise money and maintain the condition of this ecosystems.
United States
Our students are going learn about what it takes to make grow and harvest their own vegetables. To do this, we will build and maintain a raised garden bed, learn about different plant, how they grown, and how we can help other's with what we are learning.
We will ask our families, friends, school and community to participate by dropping their old phones into a box. We will collect the phones to be E-recycled. The project will end on New Years Eve 2017.
United Arab Emirates
We, as students of the UAE, made it our mission to do our part in spreading the word about Earth Hour by conducting a campaign on March 24. Earth Hour is the world’s environmental movement towards action on climate change and it involves a straightforward action: switch off the lights and other electrical appliances for one hour, between 8.30pm to 9.30pm, every year in March. The aim is to show your responsibility and commitment. This year Earth Hour was celebrated on Saturday, March 25.
Create your trypthcs to inform neighbors of the prizes and after two weeks you will be give the prizes