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To solve the problem has a group. To talk and discuss the problem and come up with an action plan to improve the problem as a team.
The project would take place in March, April, and May 2017 when Haiti Plunge high school youth teams will be on-site in Haiti to work on the project with their Haitian peers.
It will create education and reflection of future actions local people can do with the comunity, as well as the recognition of the amazing art who exist in México and is not known
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We will have a small entrance fee for the pet parade and will give the proceeds to the Chico Homeless Animal Outreach program to assist in offsetting some costs for professional help with their clients' animals.
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The Electronic Recycling Drive will motivate students and faculty to recycle any electronic devices. There will be a collection box in the library where the electronics can be dropped off. This project will continue until June 10th. At the end, the electronics will be shipped to Eco-Cell to be recycled.
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Our group was divided into groups: mix the materials; fill and weigh bags; seal the packages and pack boxes. We received training and worked for over 4 hours to make the goal. At the end of the three days there were more than 90,000 meals ready to be shipped!
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We will be going around schools and going to different social groups and doing presentations on the public activities that you can do to protect wild places and land.
PROJECT ACTIVITIES 1. Research and introduce briquette for use both at households and small-scale industries to solve the ever-soaring prices and shortages of other fuel sources. 2. Training and equip rural communities especially women and women groups with skills of making briquette charcoal pellets as an affordable cooking fuel sources. 3. To establish a rural small scale factory to produce briquette, while creating employment to the local people and many youth who have just completed high school institutions. 4. Plant 3000 trees in the degraded areas of Kisanga and help to conserve the forests by introducing and teaching households surrounding the forests new innovation of briquette fuel making and producing energy saving cooking stoves. Thus exploiting children's potential to be changing agents in our communities for sustainable development while addressing climate change challenges in our deprived society
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Myself and the Diversity Awareness Club will work together to organize a week long event at our school with guest speakers, performances, etc to get our school involved and aware of the value of diversity among ourselves and beyond. We hope to enlighten members of the community on a different topic and make them more openminded.