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Increase the number of monarch butterflies in our area. Support our local ecosystem. And have pretty butterflies visiting our flower gardens
I will start by inviting the community to know Jane and her vision "Jane Goodall in Mexico " by including her in our "Green Intervention Day" which is an event to showcase the latest information regarding Global Warming, New Green Construction, Implementation of Sustainability on all Projects from Design Development The importance of eating Green Experience great vegetarian dishes from Mexico Buy Recycle Ornaments and Gifts from Recycle Products Artisans Recycle Methodologies and strategies for better cities
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Through the creation of my Gorilla Heroes website, custom tshirt sales, pie-face donation challenge and Gorilla Gala, I will help raise money and also get other kids to learn about how cool mountain gorillas are!
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We have several campaign goals: 1. Organize a town-wide cleanup in the spring, following the success of our last cleanup 2. Distribute litter collection barrels around town 3. Implement smaller campaigns, such as a social media challenge to pick up 5 pieces of litter every day
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The project will be sequential starting with school community, town, and then world. Learners will first learn what a community is and how they are a part of a larger group of people. Then taking what they know about their school community will apply towards their town. They will participate in a community mapping inventory to determine within the three areas: beautification, landscape, plants, and trees, and wildlife; how they can enhance the town they live in. Finally, after the mapping complete a project based on at least on of the three focuses. If possible connect with another second grade class to blog about their learning.
The experiences are held in rain and sunshine, mountains and forests, river waters and waterfall, oceans and seas where the children get to experience all possible flavours of nature. Experiences are conducted in the outskirts of Mumbai in locations like Karjat, Pali, Kamshet, Kolad, Palghar also giving the young minds, a glimpse of beautiful local Indian cultures. We do fun activities like - stick building, rock stacking, journey Stick, Organic farming, Forest art & games garland making, participating in farming, cooking and cleaning; adventurous stuff like trekking, rock climbing, river swimming etc. Participants are encouraged to record their experiences the old-school way for Children of Tribe journals; Based on modern and slightly worrying truth that the city kids learn to walk on even, concrete and carpeted surfaces. But when they are eventually faced with an uneven surface, they will be unwillingly out into danger as they do not know how to use the space and how to walk. With Children of Tribe, my wish is to feed onto a child’s innate need for risk but with reasonable risk in order to prevent them finding greater risks for themselves at later stages of life. The other driving principle of Children of Tribe experiences is Sustainable thinking & sustainable living. These experiences are steeped in No Plastic; Consume Less; Give Back concepts. So, Children of Tribe provides experiences which are fun in an unplugged way! Just for a few hours, say bye bye to ‘gadgets & e-play’ instead, get your hands dirty in mud.
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Generate public awareness, fundraising and advocacy campaigns by working and/or volunteering my time, skills and energy in tandem with leading non-profit organizations.
Ik ga ook een spreekbeurt (waarin ik mijn werkstuk laat zien) over Jane houden omdat ik het over iemand moest houden die de wereld heeft verandert. Ik zal de kinderen van mijn klas vertellen over wat Jane heeft gedaan voor het natuur en voor ons nu.
The Jane Goodall institute will help save a chimpanzee. I will be selling my refreshments and jewelery at a beach near me. I will also organize to sell them at a few other locations.