In my youth, I was extremely fortunate to meet someone who (despite my objections) convinced me that I could have, do, or be anything I truly desired. Needless to say, he got my attention. It wasn’t because I was anyone special or out of the ordinary. This, he told me, applied to everyone. If I was willing to put in the time to study, learn, and apply what I was learning, he said, I would certainly see wonderful results. As it turns out, he was right. The more I studied the mind, human potential, and personal development, the more I came to believe that what Simon Attah had been telling me all along was indeed true. Through applying those lessons, I was appointed branch manager of a financial institution by the age of 22… at the time, the youngest person in Ghana to ever have done so. I discovered to my complete joy and amazement that what I was learning and then applying….was working! I learned a great deal being involved in the financial industry, but my heart was soon pulling me in the direction of being totally, absolutely, fully immersed in my studies. Just a few years later (after passing up another promotion opportunity), I quit my job and went to work with Simon Attah. With his blessing and encouragement, I soon formed my own Study Abroad company – Cosmos Study Abroad And Counselling Agency, Ghana, that was 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have taught extensively throughout Ghana and in a number of Africa countries on setting, pursuing and achieving goals. One of my very favourite speaking engagements over that time — for the last 2 years, in fact — has been at Ghana youth initiative camp for young adults. I see an incredible amount of talent and potential in each one of them, and more importantly, I want to be sure they see this in themselves. Imagine if every young adult around the globe could see within him or herself an abundance of positive possibility? Imagine if each one had the motivation and confidence to express that possibility? This has become my personal mission and it’s what led to the development of the Ghana Youth Project. We’re here to inspire, enliven, educate, and empower as many young people as possible to become courageous, confident, goal achievers.
Nakoguis' Gil Family will give the issues to the family to the
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We will research the eels and design activities and event presentations for public awareness. We will Partner with the Buzzards Bay Coalition to keep the waterways clean. Students presented at the Green Fair Umass Dartmouth to Jane and the community. They are also working with the local zoo to present there and with surrounding schools to help get the word out!.
Hope Awards will sponsor a training session for youth with drones, which will open their eyes to a career path in Drone operators for film crews, surveying and mapping inspectors and Agriculture farming companies.
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We sell bracelets made by indigenous tribes in Paraguay, Brazil, and Ecuador. By doing this we are directly funding education in Paraguay; implanting students to have a desire for higher education, and we are providing resources to the Toba tribe in Paraguay. In Brazil we buy bracelets and directly fund a stove top project; creates stoves for poverty stricken families while reducing carbon emissions. Finally in Ecuador we work with Tuntiak Katan, an activist who is raising awareness about the environmental detrition in Ecuador along with preserving Ecuadorian culture and tradition. We want to create social change in our communities by using Social Entrepreneurship as the solution.
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We plan to create an art recycling project and decrease our carbon footprint to help preserve the Marshall Islands by education students and the community about the importance of recycling and how it is directly effecting the indigenous communities of the Marshall Islands.
Production of dustless chalks is the project to enhance environmental conservation policy through education programs. >Dustless Chalks will provide the teachers with the beautiful working environment than before since they will use the dustless chocks. I will provide free education on the benefits of using the dustless chocks. >This project will also enhance the government to provide free education since they will obtain the dustless chalks at affordable price. I will collaborate with the government and any private firm which need to invest more on production activists. >>The project will bring new hope to the youth since will provide employment opportunity. I will be in a position to recruit youths for employment.
Planting season in Haiti begins in April. Haiti Plunge Inc. sends teams of high school and college youth to Haiti eight times annually. An American high school team will be in Haiti April 15 - 24, 2016. The team will work with Haitian secondary students from our cooperative to purchase, distribute and assist the children with planting the Mango trees. The team will also teach the children the importance of controlling soil erosion and the relationship of the trees roots to the earth.
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This project will aim to convince the people listening to the presentations that each groups area of the world is the one to save first or that would demand the most action to reverse or slow down the effects of climate change.
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We will choose common internet jokes or memes, print them out, and hang them around school along with creating the brochures that include the advice/general information on midterms this year.