Send an encouraging card to local community partners like police officers, firefighters, postal workers and waste collectors. Or, make a greeting card for someone who could use an extra reason to smile like a neighbor or a patient at the hospital. Get some stamps and mail your cards or deliver them with your group. Make your cards or use one of the downloadable cards offered below.



Download "HELLO" Card

About the artwork:
A youth leader uses her amazing artistic talents to paint endangered animals and sell the art in order to support organizations fighting to protect them. Learn more.

Download "SMILE" Card

About the artwork:
Students painted pictures of gorillas in the wild with the hopes of drawing attention to their endangered species status. Learn more.



Care Cards For the Elderly

Kindness Notes

Spreading Smiles w/ Color




"Card making is even more fun with others! If you want to spread compassion with cards, hold a card making party and invite your friends and family. Card making parties can be big or small and are fun for people of all ages."

NYLC Member René