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Did you know that lighting is responsible for 6% of carbon dioxide emissions around the globe, which majorly contributes to the climate crisis?

Replacing your old bulbs with LEDs is an easy step that results in using 90% less energy. They cost more than some other lighting options upfront, but they last much longer and save money on electricity over time.When you use less electricity, you are using less of the planet’s natural resources and relying less on power plants, which release toxic fumes and emissions into ecosystems around the world.

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Do an assessment of the energy use in your home:

  • Which lights do you use most often? If possible, replace those light bulbs with LED’s first! Cost saving tip: When you move save your bulbs so that you can take your LEDs with you.
  • Turn off lights when you are not using them.
  • Unplug devices while not in use (they are still using power when plugged in, even if turned off).
  • Avoid washing and drying clothes when it’s hot out and line dry instead.
  • Set your refrigerator temperature to as close to 37 degrees if you can.
  • When buying a new appliance, look for the EnergyStar rating.

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