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Did you know that about 1/3 of the food produced in the world never even makes it into our mouths?!

The amount of calories that represents is estimated to be enough to feed all the hungry and malnourished people on our planet. At the same time, all that wasted food is responsible for about 11% of the greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change. This makes it one of the most important daily decisions that you can take on to make a positive difference.

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There are so many ways to be more mindful and sustainable with your food consumption habits.

One idea is to meal prep so that you don’t overbuy food and repurpose your leftovers for another meal that is eaten later. Repurposing food can mean simply eating leftovers for another meal, but it can also mean using the remaining ingredients in another recipe. Boiled down even further, it can mean freezing the ends of your produce (carrot tops, beet tops, onions ends etc.) as you prep food and then boiling them into a vegetable broth for a drinkable dose of vitamins at a later date. You can even keep the ends of your veggies and grow more! It’s an action that might take teamwork as you collaborate with your family and/or roommates around meals and wasting less.

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