Earth Day Challenge

Give Back to Mother Earth and Make a Big Impact.

About this Challenge:

The Challenge is the fifth of Roots & Shoots’ Challenges (our last had almost 1000 participants!), this time focusing on growing understanding and action around ways we can each take part in reducing our footprint in order to restore balance to the planet.

Each day for five days (with two supplemental actions) participants of the Earth Day Challenge will receive one action (via email) focusing on one aspect of daily behavior that can be modified to reduce waste and emissions, increase sustainable habits, and inspire others to do the same! The Challenge begins April 16 building toward Earth Day, April 22, on which day we’ll also celebrate the premiere of the new Dr. Jane Goodall documentary ‘The Hope’ created in partnership between the Jane Goodall Institute and National Geographic.

*All elements of this Challenge have been created to focus on 1) understanding limitations for participants during stressful times of COVID-19 and financial limitations 2) social distancing protocols and need to participate from home * 


April 16 – Supplemental Action 1 QUIZ: Carbon Emissions Quiz – What REALLY Drives Climate Change?
April 17 – Day 1 WATCH: How Food Systems & Diet Shape Climate Change: Video
April 18 – Day 2 GROW: Grow Your Own Veggie Garden: 3 Choose Your Own Options
April 19 – Day 3 REDUCE: Learn About & Implement the 5 R’s in Your Home
April 20 – DAY 4 WASTE-NOT: Understand How to Reduce Food Waste & Compost Using Food Waste Calculator
April 21 – DAY 5 PLANT-POWER: Increase Plants in Your Diet, Share Veggie Recipe on Social #IEatMeatless
April 22 – Supplemental Action 2 VIRTUAL VIEWING PARTY: Watch ‘The Hope’ Jane Goodall Documentary and Host a Virtual Party

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