World Chimpanzee Day Challenge

Learn More About and Take Action for Our Closest Living Relatives.

About this Challenge:

Together, we will connect with Chimpanzees to discover how they are both unique and similar to us, as well as why we must work together to protect them and their habitats.

When you participate in this challenge, beginning on July 8th building up to World Chimpanzee Day July 14th you’ll go on a journey of discovery to learn more about chimpanzees and your own skills as a change-maker. Sign up to flex your heart and mind and leave this challenge knowing exactly what you can do to make the world a better place for our closest living relatives, other species and the planet we share.

*All elements of this Challenge have been created to focus on 1) understanding limitations for participants during stressful times of COVID-19 and financial limitations 2) social distancing protocols and need to participate from home *

The 2020 challenge is over! You can still participate in the actions below…Sign up below to be the first to know about our next challenge!

Action 1

Action 1 of the WCD Challenge 2020 is to learn more about the relationship between chimpanzees and humans - especially when it comes to disease.
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Action 2

Action 2 of the WCD Challenge 2020 is to explore the virtual 'Becoming Jane' exhibit to learn more about Dr. Jane and Chimpanzees
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Action 3

Action 3 is to learn what it's like to be a field scientist by virtually observing chimpanzees using the tools like the Chimp&See program, podcasts, and storymaps to record your findings
Observe Chimpanzees

Action 4

Action 4 is to help identify which of the sanctuaries, zoos, and wildlife facilities near you are humane and which should be avoided for their inappropriate captive care using our Captive Animal Facility Checklist.
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Action 5

Action 5 is to take the Roots & Shoots Compassionate Traits quiz to better understand your strengths as a change-maker.
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Action 6

Action 6 is to do an action and/or start a project to protect chimpanzees based on your Compassionate Traits and personal strengths as a change-maker!
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Action 7 is to use your voice as an advocate to make a graphic to spread the awareness to respect and protect chimpanzees!
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