by Aislinn S.

Activists are people - like you - who work hard to make the world a better place. 

What do activists look like? Activists are the people you see lobbying, writing, sharing, leading, learning, protesting, and volunteering. In your efforts to change the world, you will need a support system. As author Alice Walker said, “activism is our rent for living on the planet.”

Why we could each use a few “activist soulmates”:

  • They can help you accomplish more. You can do a lot on your own, but you can certainly accomplish more with a little help from your friends. Together, your voices are much louder and your impact is much bigger. Don’t go it alone! Find your fellow activists, volunteers, and work together to make change happen on a bigger scale.
  • They can teach you new things. From skills and tips to tried-and-true experience, other activists know things you don’t, which puts you in a great position to learn. You will learn more than you ever thought possible simply by listening to a fellow activist.
  • They can take you to new places and help you discover new interests. Other activists will introduce you to causes you might not know about. Keep an open mind and let your fellow activists teach you about their unique type of activism. Working with other activists can open up a world of possibilities, places, and passions you never would have known about on your own.
  • They can help you be your best self. Other activists know that it’s not always easy to change the world. They will help you develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses. They can give you the support you need to get started and keep going.
  • They will inspire you. No matter how many projects you’ve done, how successful you’ve been or how long you’ve been doing it, chances are you are going to need some inspiration to keep you going. Your activist friends will always give you the motivation and energy you need to continue - and you can do the same for them. The support system you will find in your fellow activists is priceless.

Where and How to Find Your Activist Soulmates

  • Join a nationwide group of changemakers to form friendships and connections that inspire true service. Apply to join the Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council! Applications are open until November 1, 2015.
  • Meet activists on their own turf. Check out your local Roots & Shoots group, your school, your environmental club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts - the possibilities are endless!
  • Encourage a sense of activism in the friends that you already have. Encourage and empower your friends and classmates to take action and teach them what it means to be a change-maker.

"We get by with a little help from our friends" … and so does the world around us.