Laura "Laurie" F.
Laurie is a member of the NYLC who was invited to continue serving during college. 

Laura is a second year student at the University of Virginia, and this will be her fourth year on the NYLC. After viewing a documentary on the brutalities of slavery, Laura founded Tasting Freedom in order to combat human trafficking through awareness and legislative action. Working with several students and organizations, events have been held across the globe to raise awareness about and take action against modern slavery. Recently, Laura co-founded MOSAIC Global in order to foster cross cultural dialogue to increase a sense of tolerance worldwide and to empower communities through sustainability, education, and entrepreneurship. She is currently piloting the program in several countries, including Cambodia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the US, and is working with individuals and organizations across the world in order to bring this project to life. In addition to this work, Laura is currently advocating for the safe passage of refugees and for the inclusion of refugees in the workforce, utilizing a case study that she conducted on this topic. Furthermore, Laura does work pertaining to public health, medicine accessibility, and disease research. Her current research is on cancer immunotherapy. 

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