What is service learning?

Many Roots & Shoots groups use service learning during their campaigns, to make a difference for people, animals, and the environment. Service learning is the method of applying classroom or academic learning to a meaningful service project for the community. Learn about the difference between service learning and community service here


What is compassionate leadership?

Learn what makes a compassionate leader (and why we think it's so important) here. 


How does Roots & Shoots fit within the Jane Goodall Institute?

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is the global youth service program of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). You can read all about Roots & Shoots here and other JGI projects here.


How do I learn more about Dr. Jane?

There are many ways you can learn about Dr. Jane’s story! 

  1. Visit this page to read about Jane’s history and story.
  2. Follow Dr. Jane as she travels to inspire people all over the world.
  3. Love watching cool videos? Check out this video produced by our friends at National Geographic. You can also find other videos here.
  4. Are you more of a book worm? You can look at your local library for many books about Dr. Jane. Some of our favorites are Me...Jane, I am Jane Goodall, and My Life With the Chimpanzees.

How can I keep up with Roots & Shoots and/or JGI news?
Sign up for our email updates from JGI and Roots & Shoots here or follow us on social media: 


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the Jane Goodall Institute:





How do I start a Roots & Shoots group?

Roots & Shoots groups come in all shapes and sizes (and ages!) Your group can be your family, friends, your class, or even just you to start. If you’d like some ideas for forming your group, check out the Roots & Shoots Toolkit. Once your group is formed, sign up for free, design your campaign, and submit a project report to show how you are making a difference for people, animals, and the environment.


Does my group have to be a certain size to start a project?

Groups can range from a single individual helping their community to an entire school completing a project.


I am not part of an organization/school. Can I still start a project in my community?

Of course! While many of our Roots & Shoots groups are part of a school, it is not required — anyone can start a group! (There are even some inmates who started a Roots & Shoots group in prison!) As long as your group doing something that matters to YOU and making a difference for our world, you can be a Roots & Shoots group.


Can I join a group or project near me?

There are several ways to connect with your fellow Roots & Shoots members! Groups who are open to the public to join are invited to share their information here. 


Facebook Communities: You can join up to 8 different Roots & Shoots Communities on Facebook! Ask questions, get inspired, and share what's important to you. Join the conversation.


Don’t forget, you’re always welcome to design your own project — there are no group size requirements.

What is the minimum age of participants and leaders in a group?

Roots & Shoots is for youth of all ages — there is no age minimum or limit. There are Roots & Shoots “youth” as young as 3 and as old as 90. As long as you are interested in making the world a better place, you can design a project.


Does Roots & Shoots charge a fee to be affiliated?

Nope, it is completely free to join Roots & Shoots.


Can I get involved with Roots & Shoots without starting a group?

Sure! There are many different ways to get involved, like sharing your story or collaborating with your peers on a one-click campaign. Even if you don’t want to start a group, you can still design a campaign that focuses on something that matters to YOU, like Evie who trick-or-treated for donations to help chimpanzees



Where can I find good example projects for ideas?

A great place to start is to check out the amazing Projects of the Month. You can also browse around the project database for more ideas. There are also great example projects and other activities for your group in the Roots & Shoots Toolkit or on our one-click campaign page.


Does my project have to be completed within a certain timeframe?

No. Projects can range from a one-day event to a multi-year campaign but here is a checklist for starting a project as well as some sample timelines for reference.


Notes: To be eligible for a Roots & Shoots Certificate of Recognition signed by Dr. Jane, you need to complete at least 3 projects within a school year. The Roots & Shoots mini-grants also require that projects be completed and reported by the end of the school year. If you’re thinking of running a multi-year campaign, consider submitting a project report each year to let us know how you’re doing.


Are there any funding opportunities available for my project through Roots & Shoots?

YES! We have mini-grants available for eligible projects. You can learn more about the requirements to receive one here.


Does my community map have to follow certain guidelines?

Each community map is different, but there are some basic guidelines to help you design your campaign.To view individual steps, check out the “how-to” guide on this page for the type of map you’re making.


Can I find examples of community maps?

You can find map examples of each type on this page.


How do I report my project?

Just follow these easy steps to report how you made a difference to people, animals, and the environment:

  1. Create your free Roots & Shoots account.
  2. Start a project profile.
  3. Enter your project results, including hours served, number of people served, and the size of your group. If your project isn’t finished, you can always return later to show off how it went.

Check out this guide for more details about reporting your project.

Why should I report my project?

Reporting your campaign success has many benefits! Your project could be chosen as a Project of the Month and you could qualify for a Certificate of Recognition. These are just more reasons for celebration, which is the last step for campaigns!


Plus, when you report your project, it helps the staff at Roots & Shoots measure the total impact across the world.



Where can I find resources for educators?

You can find lots of information, about things such as our free course for educators, mini-grants, and more! Just head over to this page to explore all educator resources. 


Are there any professional development opportunities offered for educators?

Roots & Shoots offers a free, online professional development course for educators. Participants are trained to use the Roots & Shoots Formula to lead a service campaign with youth or their peers. It can be taken for a PD certificate or graduate credit (for which there is a fee through the University of Colorado-Boulder.) The course is hosted annually. Find more information about it here. 



How can I support Roots & Shoots groups if I am not a part of one?

You can donate to the Roots & Shoots organization and support our campaigns here.


Can I invite Dr. Jane to speak at my school/organization?

While Dr. Jane has a very busy schedule, there are opportunities to invite Dr. Jane to events by filling out the form on this page


Would you like to have a member of the Roots & Shoots team visit or Skype with your group to talk about the program, starting a group, or the types of world-changing projects that Roots & Shoots youth have done around the world? Invite a member of the Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council to inspire your group by filling out this form.


Do you have a flyer I can print?

Yes! Click here or if you're looking for something a little smaller and more fun, click here.

Am I allowed to use the Roots & Shoots logo freely on project deliverables?

You can use the Roots & Shoots logo for your project, but there a few guidelines to follow. Please see here to read about specific standards and terms of use.

Still have questions? We have answers.
Send us an email at rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org. 
(One of these people will get back to you.)