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By becoming a part of our Roots & Shoots global community of educators and mentors, you’ll be inspired and supported with a variety of resources to nurture the next generation of compassionate change-makers and leaders with 21st century learning skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, empathy, and collaboration. From mini-grants to online courses, we provide everything you need as your classroom comes to life and YOU grow professionally through participation in one of the most unique and effective youth programs in the world.

Grow Lifelong Learning, Curiosity, and Action

The problems of today require a new approach and a special set of skills. Youth need to feel in control of their own narrative, lives, and ability to make a difference. Through our program, student’s interests are heightened and their learning accelerated to address global and local issues, while discovering what matters most to them.

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Find out how to become a compassionate Roots & Shoots educator through this certificate based professional development opportunity.
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Give your students once in a lifetime opportunities; open doors and grow their sense of self and passion.
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