Forests, homes to chimpanzees and other wildlife, face growing threats of deforestation every day. Protected areas like Kibale National Park and Wimbabye Central Forest Reserve in Uganda have forest rangers and community members working tirelessly to protect biodiversity, but limited internet connectivity prevents access to satellite information locating areas at risk.

In partnership with World Resources Institute and Global Forest Watch, JGI recently announced the development of the Forest Watcher App to help combat deforestation and provide a resource that works in even the most remote areas of the world.

Download the Forest Watcher App and stay up to date on environmental activity that impacts habitats in your local community. Users can access satellite images, receive weekly GLAD forest loss alerts from Global Forest Watch, and upload photos from their own field observations.




World's Forests Given a Fighting Chance

The App for Environmental Defenders

Learn more about how to help protect against wildlife trafficking, poaching, pet and bushmeat trade. 

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