Humans Of Planet Earth Initiative

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    Greater Geelong, Victoria
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    active 1 month ago
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    Any Age
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    Community-Based Program
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    Group Administrator Zoe

Group Description

The HOPE Initiative – not your ordinary advocacy group, by no means – is invested into the welfare of Planet Earth and all her mighty organisms who reside there. By restoring, establishing and protecting ecosystems we will rebuild Australia’s rich natural biodiversity one species at a time. Lobbying for a greener future, this program invites all youths of Greater Geelong to join in our mission to see justice brought back to our community and our lands – be it through girls education, waste management, regenerative farming practices, afforestation – however we must, we will. You see, were a problem lies, potential resides; and this potential is were you come in.
So, this is us – your chance to change the world.
Are you ready?

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