A special message from Madison Vorva, newly appointed youth board
member of the Jane Goodall Institute, alumnaof the 
Roots & Shoots
National Youth Leadership Council
, and the co-founder of Project
, a campaign whose mission is to promote the need for
rainforest-safe Girl Scout Cookies and deforestation-free sources
of palm oil.

Indonesia's rainforests and peatland are burning at catastrophic rates, threatening people's health and livelihoods, releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and destroying the habitat of endangered species like the orangutan. Why? To make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is an ingredient in 50% of the products in our grocery stores. It's in everything from Girl Scout cookies, to cosmetics, to candy! 

With our candy-filled holiday just a few days away, here’s what you can do in support of orangutans and Indonesia’s forests: 

1. Consider buying Halloween candy without palm oil.

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2. While you're trick-or-treating, tell your family, friends and neighbors about the impacts of unsustainable palm oil. 
Take a picture of your candy pile at the end of the night and write a message about palm oil’s impacts on people and animals to share on social media. (Add these hashtags: #saveorangutans #conflictfreepalmoil #deforestationfreepalmoil and #rootsandshoots.)


3. Check out your candy and write a letter. 
The Rainforest Action Network
has been campaigning to get the top 20 snack food companies to adopt conflict-free palm oil policies (policies that ensure that the palm oil production methods don't contribute to deforestation or human rights abuses). After you go trick-or-treating, check the ingredients labels of your candy to see which products have palm oil. Write a letter to these companies encouraging them to adopt conflict-free palm oil policies. To learn more visit: inyourpalm.org


4. Collect donations. 
Besides (or instead of) trick-or-treating for candy, ask your neighbors to donate a dollar to Orangutan Outreach's Emergency Fire Fund. Every donation makes a difference! Donating $25 means you’re helping to purchase firefighting gear for volunteers on the ground. 

Want to know more? Here’s some more information about the connection between your Halloween candy and the devastating environmental impacts of palm oil production: http://goo.gl/RJLqrN