The plight of migratory species is a globally critical issue, as migratory populations have experienced a frightening decline in numbers due to climate change and subsequent habitat loss. This campaign works to make a difference for one such migratory species, the monarch butterfly.

You can make a difference by planting milkweed! This one plant is both food and a habitat for migrating monarch butterflies. Visit your local nursery and purchase a plant or two. Or, acquire a pack of milkweed seeds via the links below and plant them throughout your yard.




Buy milkweed seeds, apply for free seeds, or pay a small shipping fee via these organizations:

Monarch Watch

Save Our Monarchs




Roots & Shootser Genevieve's Butterfly Garden Tips

Citizen Science

Monarch Waystation

Milkweed For Monarchs



"If starting milkweed from seed, grow indoors or in a greenhouse between late February and mid-March and then plant outside in late Spring. Be sure to plant the milkweed in full sun or partial shade and where pollinators can access it; maybe in a garden or yard."

- NYLC Member Abby