Every day, there are people who worry about where their next meal will come from, often having to sacrifice healthy options for what is available. Every person deserves access to nutritious, balanced meals and we can all do our part to help.



Call your local food bank or homeless shelter to find out how to combat food insecurity and what foods are acceptable to donate. Once you know the process, spread the word so that if your connections have leftover food from their next meeting or event, they will be

ready to donate.


We know what we eat matters. Animal agriculture has led to limited access to certain foods in places around the world, contributing to food deserts. You can get involved through JGI's meatless campaign and pledge
to eat less meat.




Groups leading the movement to prevent food waste and feed their local communities:

Think.Eat.Save Campaign

Food Forward

Food Recovery Network

Brainstorm other ways to help refugees and homeless people with the Roots & Shoots community on Facebook.



NMU Cat Packs

Sandwich Making Progam

Giving Go-Go Bags

Providing Healthy Options to Refugee Families

Growing a Healthy End to Hunger




NYLC Member Nathan has helped the homeless community through a variety of different programs.


Read more about Nathan's work.