Many years ago, Dr. Jane looked down at the meat on her plate and imagined the animals’ fear and sense of helplessness when they lost their lives to make her meal. She adopted a plant-based lifestyle ever since.

A growing global population means a growing demand for factory farms, a type of industrial system that sacrifices the well-being of animals to keep feeding a world of meat-eaters, and causes tremendous harm to the environment. 

Dr. Jane and the Jane Goodall Institute recognize that eating the quantities of meat that we do, on the scale that we do, in the manner that we do it, is causing animals to suffer, damaging the environment and is a hazard to our health. Choosing to eat differently does not have to be a complete upheaval in order for it to be completely revolutionary! You can do something today...

You don't have to change your entire diet to have a positive impact. Start small by signing the Jane Goodall Institute’s pledge. By signing, you're saying #IEatMeatLess with your words and actions, reflecting on how your dietary decisions affect the planet.




Less Meat, Healthier Environment


Why Jane Chose to be a Vegetarian

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"Make sure to eat enough high protein foods like beans and peanuts."

- NYLC Member Sophia

"I always find it helpful to make a notification in order to remember."

-NYLC Member Sarah