Hundreds of endangered species, from big cats and elephants to rhinos and pangolins, are victims of illegal wildlife trafficking. Sometimes, it seems as though the demand for the fur, horns, and bones of endangered species will not cease until there are no more of these animals left in the world.

Help Dr. Jane and Roots & Shoots members around the world save species from extinction by ending the demand for illegal wildlife products. Join Jane’s Traffic Stop, a campaign to spread awareness about wildlife trafficking and stop it in its tracks. By using the enormous power of social media, we can turn one voice into the voice of millions to end wildlife trafficking for good.

Raise your voice! Choose a video, blog post, or other resources from the toolbox below and share on social media to spread the word and end the demand for products made from endangered species. No matter what you share, make sure you encourage others to spread the word so that your messages can reach across the globe.

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