Presentation for the Navajo Sustainability Summit

Speaking with participants at the Navajo Sustainability Summit was an eye-opening experience, which exposed me to the complexity of balancing economic well-being and environmental protection. Many of the people I spoke to grew up near the Navajo Generating Station (NGS), the coal plant that is scheduled to close this December. On one hand, the plant provided hundreds of high paying jobs. On the other hand, one Navajo elder told me it drained the water wells within a fifty mile radius in order to operate.

Chimp Enrichment Edible Necklaces 2018-2019

This year's Chimp Enrichment Necklace project was very successful. We spent a group meetings making about 60 necklaces of dried fruit and cheerios, strung together with jute string. The people at Chimps, Inc. will send us photos and a video of the chimps enjoying our gift. It feels great to make the lives of these friends better. We are all much more aware of the issues around people's use and abuse of animals

Ocean Challenge- Student Rebuild Project '19

This project was fantastic! Not only did we learn about our personal impact on the oceans, we found ways to share it with others. We ended up sharing the project with the general school population at an all school celebration, teaching many other students about the issue and how to make sea animals. The first set of sea creatures we sent in totaled 229, which because of fortunate timing counted $4 each (229 x $4 =$916!). The second set had 205 creations each worth $2 (205x$2=$410). All together we made $1,326 to help clean and repair our amazing oceans.

Visiting Nana Cardoon- an urban farm 2018-2019

This year we have made 4 trips to Nana Cardoon, one in the Fall and three this Spring. Our Spring trips were in April and May. We are looking at how nature changes with the seasons. One of our focuses this year was the role that soil plays in growing plants. Each visit we have done activities that help builds quality soil. As well as observing and exploring, we have planted potatoes and corn, and helped remove invasive English Ivy. We even learned to weave the ivy into baskets, making something useful from it.


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