Recycled Dog Toys

It went great! We all went to Zeus' Place and delivered the toys and got to play with puppies.

Kindness Kits

It went great. We had about 500 Kindness Kits total. We went to a local shelter, Ozanam Inn and distributed the kits.


very well our aim is to compost to recycle and reuse. invent a wooded/paper container to hold the scraps and allow earthworms to roam freely. The soil was turned twice a week. resulting in beautiful (earthen) gear. after 5 months

100% Renewable Energy for ALL

We launched our project with a kickoff event, many residents expressed appreciation for sharing the information and importance of this dialogue. Several residents opted up to 100% renewable energy and encouraged their families and friends to do the same.

Think, Don’t Throw

We successfully educated hundreds of community members on plastic pollution and connected with local brands in our area who donated reusable items to be given away. After speaking to a classroom, the students also received reusable lunch kits. We also held a clean up of our community and had several toy & clothing swaps to share unwanted items with neighbors without producing waste.

Arizona Sustainability challenge

A group of 3 attended the event. My art was selected as the winning entry in the sustainability art challenge for AZ desert habitat.

Peace Crane Project

Students made 443 recycled origami paper cranes that are displayed now in the school. The "peace" coloring pages and pledges are also on display.


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