Path to Kindness

The community mapping activity gave us the opportunity to research needs in our area. We limited the needs to animal, people and environment. Once the team realized that our school borders a very important pond, the team decided to focus on littering and recycling. The team learned that Porzio Pond, located next to our school, empties into Lemon Creek. Lemon Creek then empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the team concluded that littering in our small pond could actually have a negative effect on wildlife in the ocean.

"Just Bag It!"

So far, our efforts have been widely praised, but this project is in its infancy and we need funding to purchase material to make bags and / or bulk orders of reusable shopping bags.

Trash Dash

We would use grant money to host a training session on how to use the app

Project ROV (Remember Our Veterans)

In 2016, I started a card-making project at my school named Operation ROV (Remember Our Veterans). My goal was to help save lives by showing veterans that we still remember them and that we care. Just as military men and women save lives every single day, we can help save their lives when they are down and out. Lots of people write cards to active duty military personnel. But what about those who come back from war and are having difficulty? Even though I started Operation ROV at my school, I now have students, teachers, and principals at 7 other schools that run the project at their schools.

Turtle Club

We are doing well so far. Took the drive to get the traveling trunks from Inwater Research. The group started going over lesson 1. They then introduced the students kindergarten through fifth to all the turtles we will be learning about. We also brought in tortiose and compared them and discussed their specific needs. It was hands on learning. Even the adults learning..


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