Bring Live Music to community of Omaha, NE

Elderly love the music and the performance, asking us to "come back again". Leading a group of students from elementary school through high school truly gave me incredible insight into motivating other teens and sometimes others, in general, to volunteering in the community. I discovered what usually holds people back from volunteering is the perception that we couldn’t make a difference. This perception spreads doubt into our minds. For example, sometimes this perception will tell us we aren’t qualified or someone else will address the problem.

Lend a Watering Hand

After building, coding, and testing the machine, we officially got our results. The results were telling us that the tests were a success. The soil moisture sensor successfully got the readings of the soil, the Bluetooth module sent the readings to the phone, and the pump gave the plant the water that it needed. Therefore, this machine will be a great solution for people who live in California. In conclusion, our prototype will be a viable solution for the people in California.


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