Saving Orangutans!

For our birthday party, me and my twin sister had people bring money to donate instead of bringing a present. We raised $160.00 altogether, which we donated to help an orangutan named Henrik for a year.

Draw Our Future

It took alot of effort but i feel it was worth it is what i have to say has a little change on peoples attitudes.

Raising Awareness on Marine Life Issues

During this project not only was the environment helped but also the aboriginal communities in the local area near Kenora Ontario as well, in this there was also donations made to those living on the streets so that they may stay warm during the cold winter months; this all happening on-top of raising awareness for Marine Life, mainly Rhincodon Typus (Whale Shark) and their natural habitat of the oceans. THIS WAS DONE AS A NON-PROFIT! (For any questions or inquiry E-mail:


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