2014 - Raising Funds for LAMP Optimist

Members raised over $750 for the LAMP Optimist Club for the youth of the community. Eco-harmony members made 9 beautiful floral centerpieces where everything could be re-used. The container was a drinking glass that guests could take home and re-use. The flowers could be put into a compost pile to make fertilizer. The "water" was fragrance beads that could be re-used by the guests in their home. Members also got donations for raffle prizes: $180 cash prizes, Chinese tea set, glass storage containers, gifts cards, etc.

Stop Bullying

This project went so great that we have decided to continue to do this life long.

Maasai Girls' Education Sponsorship

We learned about the plight of the African Elephant in class as part of our regular learning experiences. This led us to wanting to do something to protect the elephants. We researched which groups in Africa were helping the elephants and found Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE). Because we had seen a series on elephants at Amboseli, we decided to explore ATE further. We found out that to save the Amboseli elephants from poaching and human/elephant conflict, it was vital to have the support of the local Maasai people. This, in turn, led us to researching the Massai culture.

Neigh-BEAR-hood Watch Kids

So many notable events took place during the course of the campaign, it’s hard to choose what to report. In a “nutshell”, my students the Neigh-BEAR-hood Watch Kids hosted a Bear Campaign event in March during our school annual PTO Hoedown. Students wore student-made bear visors and t-shirts with a campaign message, “Don’t Feed Bears”. As one of my students cleverly stated when he showed up for his shift, “Ms. Gossett I need my uniform”. The children lured visitors to the bear booth with a “cubcake” project.


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