Anna S.

National Youth Leadership Council

“I knew that I wanted to commit my life to making a positive difference in my community, specifically the environment.”

Grade: Senior in Lake Bluff, Illinois

History with Roots & Shoots: Four years with Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots Group: Lake Forest Academy Roots and Shoots

Anna is a high school junior in Lake Bluff, IL. She has participated in Roots & Shoots  for four years.. During this time her favorite project was building Mason bee houses for an outdoor conservation classroom at my middle school.  It was especially meaningful because it involved an education component, and she was able to speak to over 400 students about the importance of pollinators. As a member of student council, is a part of an environmental stewardship camp called Center for Conservation Leadership, and loves to sing and play the piano. When she is not doing these activities, you can always find her swinging her racket on the varsity tennis courts.

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