Camille "Cami" S.

National Youth Leadership Council

“I help give college students ideas on how to be more sustainable in their everyday life.”

Grade: Sophomore at University of California, Berkeley

History with Roots & Shoots: Five years with Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots Group: Berkeley Roots & Shoots

Cami is currently a Sophomore at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Conservation & Resource Studies and Society & Environment. She has been working with Roots & Shoots for five years. Last Earth Day, she organized a campaign for vegan awareness. Over 60 people pledged to go vegan, which as a result saved around 60 animals, 1,800 square feet of forests, 66,900 gallons of water, 1,200 pounds of C02, and 2,700 pounds of grain. Outside of class, she spends her time serving as Delta Sigma’s Sustainability Chair to work on creating a more eco-friendly environment within her sorority.

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