Neuveaux Williams

Program Fellow of Roots & Shoots

“I was quickly captivated with the mission of Roots & Shoots, and I felt called to join the team. I am so proud to spread our message about youth empowerment and compassion .”

Location: Virginia

Roots & Shoots History: Joined the Roots & Shoots program in 2019

Position Title: Program Fellow of Roots & Shoots

Currently, I aid in planning and developing programmatic work for our team. I also support JGI staff in whatever capacities are needed.  Growing up, I had a very international childhood. Due to my parents, military service I was able to travel the world, and live amongst other cultures. However, no matter where in the world I lived there were always nature to connect to, thus my love of the environment was born. I am proud I have been apart of organizations that are taking real steps to minimize environmental injustice and tackle the issues of climate change. I hope that as I strive to bring changes to communities, the youth around me are empowered to act also.

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