Yanni P.

National Youth Leadership Council

Grade: Junior at Northeastern University

Roots & Shoots History: Nine Years with Roots & Shoots

Yanni is a Junior at Northeastern University. This is his fifth year on the National youth Leadership Council. As a Roots & Shoots member, Yanni acts as a youth voice and works to make a positive change in his community — for people, animals, and the environment. Yanni’s favorite Roots & Shoots Project was the annual beach cleanup my group organized. Every year students, teachers, and fellow community members come together to clean up the local beach. It was very powerful to see how many people would come out to help and to witness the total amount of trash collected at the end of the day. Additionally, Yanni’s group would collect data on the trash and send it to an agency that would use that data along with others to understand what kind of trash was polluting coastal environments. This multi-purpose activity paired with the coming together of people of all ages for a singular purpose always ended the day with a renewed sense of hope. Yanni is also a leader in his school’s environmental education club, and he works with Speak for the Trees Boston to advocate for the city’s urban canopy. In his free time, Yanni enjoys playing with his dog, Kimi, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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