Pets and Domestic Animals
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Our Pet Care Technician students are volunteer-interns at many NYC animal facilities. One of them is New Beginnings Animal Rescue, located in the Bronx. They rely solely on donations. My students want to create beautiful posters and an outdoor vinyl sign that would make the rescue stand out. Also, they want to create pamphlets for visitors and potential volunteers.

How did it go?

We had 12 students speak with the owner about the elements he needed on his outdoor sign. He was mentioning how his rescue had little street visibility due to an old tattered sign. Once we had the details, the students made simple drawings about layout and color schemes. It was a collaborative event. It made them feel good about helping this animal rescue out, and increasing knowledge and visitors to the animals that were up for adoption. We also made pamphlets for the rescue to give out to more