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People Served

What is your wish for this project?

1. Gift Drives for the elderly in our community. 2. Cookies drop-off and small gifts and trinkets delivery to elderly homes. 3. Bring Live Music and Joy/Happiness to the elderly living centers, and/or during community events. 4. Establish client connection and participate in outreach/marketing of community. 5. Work with Young musician on bringing live music to the elderly.

How did it go?

Elderly love the music and the performance, asking us to "come back again". Leading a group of students from elementary school through high school truly gave me incredible insight into motivating other teens and sometimes others, in general, to volunteering in the community. I discovered what usually holds people back from volunteering is the perception that we couldn’t make a difference. This perception spreads doubt into our minds. For example, sometimes this perception will tell more