Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
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What is your wish for this project?

In an ongoing effort, our group has chosen to do local beach clean-ups. Living on Long Island, we are surrounded by beaches that are enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, litter abounds, and it has had a tremendous impact on wildlife. A few weeks ago, we came upon a juvenile herring gull with fishing line wrapped around both legs. One leg had been completely crippled by it, and the other was on its way. The story of this gull has helped to inspire many members of more

How did it go?

As the litter was collected, the beach clean-up participants tallied the types of trash found as shown in the charts. It was especially eye-opening to see the enormous amount of plastic picked up which made up 67% of all the trash found. This was very disheartening, but we hope to see that number decline as we spread awareness of the dangers of single-use items. In an effort to promote re-usable everyday items, we gave out stainless steel straws to the first 20 participants. In addition, to more