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What is your wish for this project?

Something Good in the World's Children's Peaceful Garden is designed by and for children, to promote peaceful and imaginative play, inspire creativity, demonstrate sustainable practices, teach about alternative energy systems, grow permaculture gardens, make a safe place for wildlife, support bees and beneficial insects and pollinators, and enhance children's abilities to become responsible caretakers of our planet now and into the future.

How did it go?

Our Children's Peaceful Garden is flourishing, and we were able to add our Bee Sanctuary thanks to a Roots&Shoots mini-grant! We were able to add a honeybee hive (apiary) and a bee-friendly garden this spring, planting native perennial flowers and herbs in the "beeline." We had great fun creating a community map, with a 3D model made from all natural materials. Two professional beekeepers in the community volunteered to guide us in learning all about bees and how to help more