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What is your wish for this project?

Every year we look forward to making these edible necklaces for the chimpanzees at the Chimps, Inc sanctuary in Bend, Oregon. We hope to increase our awareness of the problems with wild animals being used by the entertainment industry, drug companies, and being raised in people's homes. It feels good to bring some joy into these chimps lives. The necklaces are made with cherrios, dried fruit (figs, apples, two kinds of dates, raisins) and natural jute more

How did it go?

This year's Chimp Enrichment Necklace project was very successful. We spent a group meetings making about 40 necklaces of dried fruit and cheerios, strung together with jute string. The people at Chimps, Inc. will send us photos and a video of the chimps enjoying our gift. It feels great to make the lives of these friends better. We are all much more aware of the issues around people's use and abuse of animals