People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Our neigbourhood is rich for parks and green places. My wish is to keep these places clean. We create groups of mothers with small children and collect garbage which is usually left at the end of a day at childrens´playgrounds. Another activity which we like and our children have fun with is sawing seeds of flowers atrracting butterflies. This we do at places where there is not a sufficient vegetation.

How did it go?

Flowers attracting butterflies grew up only when watered regularly. Only sunflower seeds did not need any after care. Next spring we will cooperate with our town hall to select suitable places and inform the gardeners, so they can water the butterfly fields. Parks in our neigbourhood are cleaned up 3 times per week by the town hall. Volunteers can support this service and pick up garbage into a small plastic bag when walking through the park.