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What is your wish for this project?

Our mission is to connect children and our larger community directly to the origins of their food and to inspire them to make healthy and responsible food choices. For high school students, we want to leave them with a sense of empowerment – what are behaviors they can change at home that would make a difference for our environment? We want them to think about eating a variety of colors, types and parts of the plant to optimize nutrition and reduce food waste.

How did it go?

The high schoolers learned a new cooking technique called “ribboning” and some said they were more likely to eat cucumbers if they were prepared this way versus chopped. Students also learned what specific colors in certain fruits and vegetables do for different parts of the body (ex: red improves heart health, green helps the digestive system). Overall, the new curriculum went well but the team will be making minor adjustments going forward to improve efficacy. We made a social media post more