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What is your wish for this project?

We have noticed that dog waste is often not cleaned up in our community. The dog waste that is left on the ground contains harmful bacteria that has many negative effects on our community. Dog waste is a major polluter of water, because of the bacteria traveling into lakes, rivers, streams, drains and inlets. These harmful bacteria hurt the animals living in that water, and make the water unsafe for drinking or recreation. This can also effect the aesthetic appeal of our parks and beaches.

How did it go?

Through the mapping process we determined that we always see dog waste around our community, especially in our local parks. We decided to look into this issue and see if it was a bigger problem that just getting the bottom of our shoes dirty! We finished the project in April 2015. We went to our local park and met with a Ranger there. He told us all about how dog pollution was affecting the water supply. We surveyed how they asked people to pick up after their dogs. We also did water more