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What is your wish for this project?

Last October, fifth grader Ella Morris had the good fortune to meet Jane Goodall at the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco. Ella's project, the Eco-Ape Cell Phone Recycling Drive, is a response to Jane’s call for help. Ella asked her friends and the students & parents at Rooftop Alternative PreK-8 School for their help to protect the 880 mountain gorillas remaining on our Blue Marble. This is especially important to our school community because our school mascot Kong is a gorilla.

How did it go?

Ella, Luca and Dylan learned that it is a lot of work to manage a campaign, but they had a lot of fun planning their project and making the video together. They learned how to speak to the entire school over the school intercom, and that was a very good learning experience. You can see the video that they made here: The Eco-Ape project was also presented to the third graders. Now, more students know about the mining of coltan and habitat loss for the more