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What is your wish for this project?

We are making notecards that feature endangered animals. The submissions of the drawings will come from students from nursery-12th grade, and teachers. They can draw, paint, sketch a select endangered animal. We will then copy them and put them on a notecard. We will sell the notecards and then put that money towards a local animal organization.

How did it go?

Our campaign was multi-faceted. On the one hand we ran a MASSIVE fundraiser, in which the whole school drew pictures of endangered animals from which we made note cards to sell. This raised a huge amount of awareness about endangered animals throughout the entire community. (What's a babirusa, an ocelot, a sifaca? Our kids can tell you...). The $600 we raised was split between a local animal shelter and the World Wildlife Fund. The other cool part of the campaign was that we played more