Human Community and Human Condition
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Our fourth graders walked around the school campus and mapped out ares that needed improvement (they focused on human problems). The main problem they identified was that our school doesn't look like an elementary school from the front. (It was a middle school for years and was converted to a K-8). The kids identified three planters out front for which they wanted to design public art. The engineering and art teacher have teamed up on this campaign.

How did it go?

Community mapping involved a discussion protocol and school investigation in which kids considered problems with the "human" (STEM) identity of our school. Through their discussion and research, they settled on the issue of public art. They toured public art, met with artists, went to RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) to buy their prototype materials, designed their kinetic wind sculptures, sold them to raise money for the actual sculptures, presented them to a panel of artists, more