Pets and Domestic Animals
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
People Served

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The Fab Fourth Grade Starfish Change-makers will continue to write their own starfish stories throughout the school year and encourage their school community to do the same. They know there are a lot of problems that face our local and global communities including poverty, homeless pets, conflict, bullying, global warming, endangered species, lack of access to clean water, and a general lack of more

How did it go?

Great! In addition to students creating their "Starfish-Respect for All Living Things" scrapbooks (that feature their responses to all activities with photos, articles, essays, reflections, book reviews and more) class anthologies filled with their own articles and poetry about issues that impact people, animals and the environment, engaging in in-depth Socratic seminar style discussions about “humane ed” topics, they began letter writing campaigns to companies like Dunkin Donuts, we more