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What is your wish for this project?

Here at San Fernando Middle School we believe in developing socially minded leaders by encouraging kindness and care on our campus and in our community. Our wish for the Falcons Go Green Campaign is to integrate healthy food alternatives into our students’ meals, encourage our students to model healthy eating habits for their families, and foster eco-friendly leaders in our community. With support from the Roots and Shoots Campaign, we will be one step closer to making our wish a reality.

How did it go?

Our Falcons Go Green campaign had many successful moments. Our vision is to have our garden be a learning tool for our students and have fresh vegetable available to our community. We now have more buy-in into our vision for the garden from students, teachers, and administrators. In addition, we now have partnerships with Clean Los Angeles and Sylmar High School that we did not have before. We are excited to continue building our garden this summer and many years to come.