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What is your wish for this project?

We are trying to create awareness of how there are some areas in our backyard that don't have access to fresh food as well as areas that have an over abundance that goes to waste and ends up in our landfills. About 40% of the fresh produce that is grown in the US is thrown out, ends up in a landfill and may take up to 100 years to break more

How did it go?

Our first project went really well. We first learned about what a food desert is and how they are so close to where we live not just in other countries that you think of right away. In our case, we live 8 miles away from an urban area where it is difficult to buy affordable or good quality produce. Food deserts are a big problem and limit people from eating healthfully which then leads to diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Although these usually are in cities they can more