Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Suburban sprawl is one of the most serious environmental problems affecting our communities. Our wish is to reforest Hillside's backyard meadows and trails. We wish to create forest habitats for native wildlife, and provide a home. One of our goals is for students to learn and research our forest, so they are able to help and know how reforestation helps the wildlife that live here.

How did it go?

Working in partnership with teachers, specialists, and parent volunteers, we explored schoolyard ecosystems as microcosms of the diverse communities of organisms found throughout NJ. Throughout this school year we researched and then implemented a reforestation project to promote and sustain biodiversity in our community. We first inventoried the native and non-native plant and animal species found in the meadows and trails, and then adopted one-meter plots that we’ve monitored since the fall. more