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What is your wish for this project?

For the first time the children will explore and experiment with indoor gardening using grow lights and possibly hydroponic methods of growing herbs, flowers, and veggies. We hope children will gain a better understanding about what plants need to grow and different ways to meet their needs. We hope by starting our gardens earlier indoors we will produce a larger harvest to share with our adopted community food bank.

How did it go?

The children were very fascinated with the indoor grow light and amazed at how the bean seeds grew so quickly. After we planted the bean seeds under the grow lights we transplanted the seedlings out in our gardens. We are so happy with the beans this summer. There are three rows of green beans. Every week we get dozens of beans. The children have learn how to pickle the beans and we have donated several dozens along with the greens that are ripe for picking to our local food bank. We will more