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What is your wish for this project?

At twelve years old, I was diagnosed with Alopecia. With every strand of hair, I lost a bit of confidence until I felt like I was left with nothing. My self-esteem plummeted and I no longer saw a future for myself. I began to wear a wig and struggled with depression and self-harm. As I moved closer to rock-bottom, I knew I had two choices. I could either forego my wig and try to move towards self-acceptance or I could continue to battle depression and suicidal more

How did it go?

We have spent over 100 hours volunteering and perfecting our program guides, so we can use them on campuses around the nation. We started off using our programming in a few pilot classrooms, to see how it goes. We had several students open up about their personal experiences, and speak about how this programming made them more confident. We are excited to collect data, improve our program, and spread to more campuses around the nation!