Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Justin is like most 8-year-old boys: he loves to play sports, hang out with his friends, and build things. He also loves frogs, which might seem just like another ordinary thing- except he’s taken that love to another level. Justin didn’t realize his love for frogs would turn into a passion for taking care of the planet. He became interested in recycling, but when he learned that trash can be transformed into other gadgets…it was like MAGIC! more

How did it go?

Currently Justin in the process of putting all of the refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle ideas into a newspaper to spread the message and inspire others to take actions. Justin is gathering ideas on how to improve our plastic pollution problem and is meeting and discussing ideas with people weekly. He posts them on social media and then asks people to try out the idea and send in pictures of them trying out the idea. Example. Plastic flower planters are one idea that was given by kindergarten more