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What is your wish for this project?

Our wish for this project is that we have enough, strong helpers to accomplish our goal of making the footing safer for the horses, farm animals and volunteers. Originally, set up as a two day event, we did accomplish our goals. However, we have expanded the dates for the project because of the many needs. Our current goal is to put together and mount 60 hay racks, one in each of the stalls, change out two buckets in every stall and repair certain sections of fencing and stall more

How did it go?

We did have our original event on October 16 and 17, 2017 for Make A Difference Day and 18 of the 25 loads of sand were moved and put into the stalls. We then had to extend the project to finish moving the rest of the sand project which was 7 loads. Once the sand was all moved, we realized, it would be great to have a "Make A Difference Day" as we have BIG needs for help throughout the year. We held a third group "Make A Difference Day", on February 24, 2018 where we had a more