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What is your wish for this project?

Hopefully this project will teach people, especially youth, how important the bees are, and make everyone who gets involved aware of what they can do to help, just by doing at least one of the four main Way to Bee! Way to Bee 1) Bee safe -- don't poison the bees, and don't swat! Way to Bee 2) Feed a bee -- give them a safe source of food and water! Way to Bee 3) Let it bee -- let one part of your yard be wild and untouched so that the bees can live there! more

How did it go?

So far, 5 of the events have been completed, along with the online petition. The best attended live event so far was the exhibit and teaching activities at the Earth Day celebration at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum. Attendees of all the events left with a better understanding of bees, their importance, the problems they face, and how we all can take steps to help the bees, by participating in hands-on learning activities, through looking at the exhibits, through talking to the Way to Bee more